BFT Stoppy is a range of rising bollards, designed to limit the access to specific roads, car parks or other sensitive areas. Extremely robust and long lasting, BFT bollards can resist very violent impacts (like cars and lorries).

Plus d'infos

BFT rising bollards are designed ro resist severe and violent impacts like cars or lorries. Very strong, BFT Stoppy bollards are used to restrict access to some roads or car parks.

Very robust

Extremely robust, BFT Stoppy rising bollards are able to resist violent impacts, like a high speed vehicule.

  • Bollard diameter: 115mm
  • Bollard height: 500 mm
  • Opening or closing time: 7 seconds
  • Command unit: Perseo CBD
  • Limit switch: magnetic
  • Slow down: yes
  • Impact resistance: 6000 J
  • Breakage resistance: 60000 J
  • Blockage: electric brake
  • Manual cycle: reversible in case of a power cut
  • Frequency of use: semi-intensive
  • Temperature: from -20°C to 60°C
  • Protection: IP67