BFT Eli is a buried residential swing gate operator, particular popular since it’s not directly visible. As a robust, high performance opener, it can operate gate leafs up to 400kg in weight and 3,5 metres in width.

Thanks to it’s magnetic limit switches, Eli opener system is very accurate and reliable throughout time.

Plus d'infos

BFT Eli operators are unusual because they are buried: it’s an interesting choice in terms of style, since the operators are absolutely not visible.

Regarding the performances of this opener, they are efficient products, equiped with magnetic limit switches, mechanical stops, which are also buried.

Smart command unit

BFT Eli openers have smart command units with automatic settings, simplified programmation and a virtual coder.

Buried System

Fully buried, Eli operator is a very popular operator because it doesn’t ruin the look of the gate it operates.

  • Command unit: Altair P
  • Power: 230 V
  • Absorbed power: 300 W
  • Max opening angle: 120 °
  • Opening time: 14 seconds
  • Limit switch: timer
  • Blockage: mechanical
  • Unlocking: lever or lever with custom key
  • Frequency of use: semi intensive
  • Temperature: from -20°C to 50°C
  • Protection: IP67
  • Operator weight: 10kg
  • Réaction à l’impact: electric clutch
  • Type of operator: electromagnetic operator for swing gates